Camp Caribbean Review 2017 | Colin

Name – Colin Elkington

Age – 19

Country – England

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What Brought You To Camp Caribbean?

The desire to travel to and explore a new part of the world, make new friends, and help out in the local community. I wanted to give back to a place I have the privilege of travelling to.


What were your expectations?

My expectations were very much based on the pictures you see of St Lucia online and in magazines. These images never really capture the full feeling of the place. There is so much more to see away from the picture. The smells, the sounds, the weather and the people complete the whole experience. I tried not to have any expectations of the schools we would be coaching, I was keeping an open mind!


Reality Vs Expectations

The coaching and sport, in general, was much more structured and invested in than I had expected. We were involved in many sports clubs, sports days, senior teams and even national teams! There was also a much higher standard than I was expecting. It was a lot different to my experience of sport and coaching in Cambodia, where I had spent two months earlier in the year.

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What was the highlight of your coaching/teaching experience?

Being able to see familiar faces each week and form a bond with the locals.


What are you going to miss most about Camp Caribbean?

The other volunteers that I got to know well during my time there! And of course the beautiful country itself – the scenery and beaches especially.


What have you learned most from your experience at Camp Caribbean?

I’ve become more advanced coaching skills and drills. I’ve learned how to work with people of different ages, and how to be more confident whilst doing so! I also learned more about the St Lucian/Caribbean people and way of life.


What would be your reason to come back?

Beautiful country, plenty of activities to enjoy. My favourites included snorkeling, ziplining, hiking and swimming. It was great to meet and live with people of similar age and enjoy relaxing, cooking, coaching, and going out together! It was a chance form great friendships. You also get to feel like you make an impact to the local schools and clubs, and the overall sports development in the area.


Last message to your Camp Caribbean Family?

Thanks for making such an incredible experience possible!


If Colin’s experience has made you want to have the summer of your life next year, apply now!