2018 Itineraries

Camp – Chiang Mai

Teaching conversational English to local children at Thai schools in the Chiang Mai province. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and jungles, Chiang Mai is a magical city in the north of Thailand with so much to offer. Camp C activities include: bamboo rafting, a refreshing waterfall visit, a bicycle tour and a temple tour. You will even spend the day at an elephant nature park helping with conservation. You will get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures and even bath them in the local river! Chiang Mai city has a lot to offer, including beautiful Chiang Mai University and Chiang Mai’s famous Night Market where you can shop, listen to live music immerse yourself in Thai culture. You will walk by many ornate temples as you explore the city. Overlooking Chiang Mai from it’s mountaintop sanctuary, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is a famous and sacred temple where you can take a tram or climb 309 steps to the top. There is also a bustling nightlife in Chiang Mai, and Thai’s love karaoke! Don’t worry too much about the heat, when it gets too much you can chill out by your very own swimming pool!

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Camp – Phuket

Camp Phuket is the ultimate Camp Location, with elephant conservation, teaching, trips to Koh Phi Phi, the famous Maya Bay, Railay Beach and Krabi, with so many fun activities! With limited spaces available, get involved today! For more information give us a call on 0161 222 3780 or even email us on info@summercampthailand.com

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Camp – Real Thai Experience

Time to experience real Thailand! Teach English to local children in the Buriram and Surin Provinces, helping to provide an education to local children and support poorly funded schools. We have loads of fun activities lined up, starting with a trip to a near by lake where we rent floating house boats. You can even rent banana and sofa boats! You will experience an overnight stay at the Surin Elephant Conservation Project, look after and caring for elephants. Time to get that elephant selfie? Enjoy an overnight stay at the local Silk Village. Here you will learn about Thai culture, see how they live, eat silk worms, visit their temples and even get involved in some local dancing. If that’s not enough you will spend the night in luxury at a near by resort with your very own swimming pool! Partake in Muay Thai boxing and weekly Thai language classes. We even have an optional 4 day, 3 night excursion to Cambodia to see Angkor Watt, the 7th Wonder of the World. You will be living amongst the local community so you really can immerse yourself in their local culture. This is a wonderful location. If you want to see what Thailand is really like and get off the tourist trail then this is the Camp for you!

In your final days with Camp Thailand, we include a MINI BREAK. You will head down to Koh Chang for your final few days, an incredible Thai island perfect for sunbathing and relaxing! You will spend your last few days relaxing on tranquil beaches, exploring the island underwater on snorkeling trips and partying the night away on Camp Thailand exclusive beach parties.

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