Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is nestled in the heart of Thailand's Jungles, where you will be surrounded by breathtaking views and incredible culture at this camp location.

During the Chiang Mai programme, you will be given the unbelievable opportunity to teach basic, conversational English to local children at Thai schools in the stunning Chiang Mai province.

Surrounded by beautiful mountains and jungles, Chiang Mai is a magical city in the north of Thailand with so much to offer. Whilst in Chiang Mai, you will have the chance to participate in activities such as: bamboo rafting, a refreshing waterfall visit, a bicycle tour and a temple tour.

One of the highlights of trips for many who visit Chiang Mai is a visit to an elephant nature park, during which time you will get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures and even bathe them in the local river! Chiang Mai city has a lot to offer, including beautiful Chiang Mai university and Chiang Mai’s famous night market where you can shop, listen to live music and immerse yourself in Thai culture.

Throughout the course of your visit, you will walk by many ornate temples as you explore the city. Overlooking Chiang Mai from its mountaintop sanctuary, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is a famous and sacred temple where you can take a tram or climb 309 steps to the top. There is also a bustling nightlife in Chiang Mai, and Thai’s love karaoke! Don’t worry too much about the heat, when it gets too much you can chill out by your very own swimming pool!

Below you can see the itinerary for Camp Chiang Mai; please note, this itinerary is subject to change.

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