Real Thailand

Real Thailand is truly a fantastic location; you will spend your time teaching English to local children at our English camps and an orphanage.

Time to experience real Thailand! Teach English to local children in Sing Buri’s schools, helping to provide an education to local children and support poorly funded schools.

We have loads of fun activities lined up: experience an trip to an elephant conservation project, during which time you will work with and care for elephants. Make sure you don’t forget your camera, this is your perfect opportunity to grab your sought-after elephant selfie!

Enjoy a trip to a beautiful national park, where you will learn about Thai culture, see the Thai way of life, visit temples and even get involved in some outdoor activities. Additionally, you will be given the opportunity to partake in Muay Thai boxing and Thai language classes.

If this isn’t enough for you, we even have an optional 4 day, 3 night excursion to Cambodia to see Angkor Watt, the 7th Wonder of the World! We’ll take you to the beautiful Island of Koh Samet for you chance to experience the paradise of the Thai beaches.

Please see the itinerary for Camp Sing Buri below; please note this itinerary is subject to change.

From this location, you can get involved with our Amazing Cambodia tour; this runs from day 14-17 of the itinerary. Click here for more info!

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