Camp Recommendations

Camp Thailand Recommendations

So you’ve had a look at all of our wonderful camp locations and we guess you are now thinking, how do I pick the right camp for me?

Fear not, for we can help narrow it down for you!

Each camp has its own unique and incredible parts that truly make it such a memorable experience so making sure that you pick the right one is a large part of your experience. If you’re set on having a cultural experience surrounded by locals living their day-to-day lives and making a positive impact on them then the Real Thai Experience would definitely be the best one to choose! If on the flipside you want to go over and be on the beautiful beaches and seeing all of islands then Camp Phuket would definitely be the one for you! Look below to see which one of our Camps would best suit you!


Camp Phuket (Click Here)

Perks: Beautiful beaches, Island hopping, vibrant nightlife.

Camp Chiang Mai (Click Here)

Perks: Beautiful historic city, waterfalls, temples and elephants.

Camp Hua-Hin Beach and Garden (Click Here)

Perks: Beaches, scenery, wildlife sanctuary, night markets.

Camp Real Thai Experience (Click Here)

Perks: National Parks, elephants, teaching, Ko Samet tropical Island.

Camp Cambodia (Click Here)

Perks: Angkor Wat temples, elephants, teaching, vibrant nightlife.

Camp Vietnam (Click Here)

Perks: Ha long Bay, travelling, cultural, trekking in beautiful mountains.

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